My Books


In New York, daytime soap star Mars Manchester is secretly in love with his roommate Reed. Will he find the courage to follow his heart, or will his storyline on the soap aid him once Reed also snags a coveted role…to play Mars’s gay lover?…FIND OUT MORE


Project Director Zane Caldwell has a problem with sexy co-worker Ford “The Italian Stallion” Trionni. Is the man playing games with Zane’s job and his heart, or is there a chance they might actually be the perfect partners?…FIND OUT MORE


When college student Matthew poses nude for erotica artist Skylar Novak, they discover they share an uncontrollable and supernatural bond, and also realize they are mysteriously linked to a sexy stranger from another century…FIND OUT MORE


Antique dealer Elijah’s lonely life starts to change when a stranger moves to town. Eli is instantly drawn to Gray, and the flirtatious jazzman stirs dormant feelings inside Eli, reinvigorating his hopes for a brighter future…FIND OUT MORE

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