My Bio

Born in New York City, Karma Eastwick (a Karma Eastwick pseudonym) grew up in the entertainment industry. Both of her parents are playwrights, her brother directs for television, and her sister currently works on the Broadway stage. Although bitten in college by the acting bug herself, Karma came to the conclusion early on that she preferred life behind the curtain, so she followed in her parents’ footsteps and tried her hand at writing. She has several plays and screenplays to her credit, but discovered she truly enjoys writing novel-length genre fiction the best. During the past decade, she has had several “straight” romance and erotic romance novels published under various pen names, as well as a handful of shorter works published in the fantasy, dark fantasy, and paranormal genres. She uses the “Karma Eastwick” penname only for works that fall under the “gay erotica / man-love” category and hopes to write more of these stories for Amber Quill Press once she finalizes several other key projects.

Now in her early thirties and (reasonably) settled, Karma currently lives in Connecticut and is married to a Broadway and “Soap” actor. They have two pesky golden labs, Samantha and Rocky, who “run” the household, and a lazy and aloof cat named Drucilla who barely tolerates all of them. When not writing, Karma enjoys gardening, travel, horseback riding, and charity/fundraising work.

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