Welcome to the homepage of Karma Eastwick, author of M/M Romance. Here you will find information about Karma’s currently available books as well as information about her writing life and future releases.

All of Karma’s stories have one thing in common—they always feature passionate male characters with caustic attitudes. Her heroes are usually “regular guys,” despite their often successful careers, with foibles, quirks, and insecurities. Whether they have been hurt in the past or have suffered great losses, they are usually shielded by walls they have built to protect themselves, and often don’t see their own goodness or attractiveness as they courageously hunt for the love of that one admirable man who will love them in return. But most significantly, they are men who do not kid themselves, but face reality head on, viewing the world around them never through rose-colored glasses, but through a humorous, often-sarcastic lens. As a reviewer of her stories once stated, “In each new Karma Eastwick release, the emotions are layered, the descriptions are rich, the dialogue is crisp, the sex is steamy, and through it all, the humor is abundant. No one can finish an Eastwick story without their cheeks aching from smiling.”

And hopefully, you will agree.

Thanks for visiting. Read the excerpts from Karma’s stories or her blog entries if you have the time, and most of all, enjoy!

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